There’s nothing like a beautiful day to make everything seem fantastic.  It’s the middle of June, and yes – the sun finally came out here in beautiful, allegedly sunny San Francisco.  And in Oakland, where we actually live.  And it’s amazing.  We’re filling our weekends with birthday parties, play dates, and trips to the farmer’s market. . . and at this time of year, this feels like the right place to be.  Two weeks ago?  Not so much. . . but that was two weeks ago, so who cares?

I was looking through some photos this morning and thought it about time to post some pictures from Aunt Amber’s visit back in December.  It was also really sunny and gorgeous around here when she came – maybe she brought us some sun from Florida?

It was the first time Amb has been able to visit us for a few years, so I think it was a special treat for everyone – including me.  Sisters are very important, after all.  We had loads of fun showing her around.

Amber posing in front of the Bay Bridge, which – though technically a seismic disaster waiting to happen. . . is also aesthetically under-rated in my opinion.  I think I actually like it better than the Golden Gate, though admittedly there might be a bit of an underdog thing going on there.

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Callum’s school was closed for a week recently, so we decided to check out some more of California. We drove down to LA, where we went all the places one should go. . . and then we made our way slowly back North.

At the Chinese Theater – we took this picture for Grammy.  This is the best of 4 tries. . . C wasn’t really in a sitting still mood.

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At his preschool, Callum is one of the younger kids in the younger classroom, making him one of the youngest at the preschool. Sometimes in the afternoons the two classrooms combine in the great hall for activities. One day when I picked him up the older kids were teaching the younger ones how to play duck duck goose. The younger ones didn’t really understand objective, but were having a great time tapping heads and running around in circles. Callum wanted to play at home that evening, so we did. Tiffany thought it was cute so she videotaped.

This is a video from our family vacation in the summer of 2009. We took Callum on his first camping trip when he was 15 months old. He loved sleeping being in his sleeping bag. We posted photos from the vacation last year.

Callum likes to do the “little puzzle” with mommy and daddy.  He’s pretty good at getting pieces to fit together.

A little while back, Andy and I went out to Martha’s Vineyard for Simone & Paul’s beautiful wedding. We had an awesome time, of course. . . and while we were there, Grammy came out to hang with the C-man. They obviously had a blast, because Grammy didn’t want to leave, and Callum has requested another time when “How ’bout Grammy come, and Mommy and Daddy go.”

While she was here, Grammy took some lovely pictures of their fun times. . .Grammy and Callum went to Fairyland, which is an Oakland institution and a kid favorite. This special key unlocks magic boxes that tell the kids Fairytales and such. . . I think. . . point being, it was Callum’s favorite part of Fairyland.

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Callum went trick or treating for the first time this year.

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Here’s a video of Callum singing one of his favorite songs.

We went to St. Martin for a vacation in July. Grandma, Grandpa and Chi were there too. We have a lot of photos to share…

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Here’s a video from Callum’s second birthday. We didn’t take any video at his party but there are a few pictures in this older post.