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Callum is 4 and a half.  He’s hilarious, sweet, and very good company.  Also, he’s four, so we have our moments. . .

Tonight, C was singing me (Tiffany) a song when I put him to bed.  It went “I love you super super super much, higher than the trees and the leaves and everything. . . super super super super super super much, NO, mucher than super much, super super super super super super super super super much, ok i’m done with that, mommeeeeeee.”

I liked it.  Especially the “mucher than super much” part.

Here are some pics from our Halloween festivities, or as we call it here in Oakland, “Hella-ween.”

Obligatory boy in pumpkin patch shot.

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Right before Christmas, I spent some time taking lots of pictures of Callum, in hopes of getting a really cute one for our New Year’s card.  I was, in the end, very successful, but not until (go figure) the day after I ordered the cards.  The trick, I discovered, is to make him laugh.  Here are some pics from that photo session.

The game was this – Cal puts his hand up to say “NO PICTURE!” and I grab it real fast, move it out of the way and take a picture.  It’s hilarious.

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In the McNeil household, the best part of Christmas is probably the food.  We go a little crazy.  This is us cooking. . .

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Callum’s school was closed for a week recently, so we decided to check out some more of California. We drove down to LA, where we went all the places one should go. . . and then we made our way slowly back North.

At the Chinese Theater – we took this picture for Grammy.  This is the best of 4 tries. . . C wasn’t really in a sitting still mood.

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Callum went trick or treating for the first time this year.

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We went to St. Martin for a vacation in July. Grandma, Grandpa and Chi were there too. We have a lot of photos to share…

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Grammy came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Callum had so much fun with Grammy. It’s been two weeks and he still hopes she’ll be there when we come home from school. As we toured with Grammy we were amazed at our good fortune with timing. Several times we said, “we got there at the right time” after seeing a long line when we were leaving. Maybe our luck came from the bag of fortune cookies we ate during Grammy’s stay or maybe Grammy has good karma. Either way, it was fun to have Grammy around.

Callum and Grammy read Busy Busy Town every day after school.

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Tiffany gives Callum the paparazzi treatment in his new shirt. Apparently he supports his nation of birth.

Who bought him that shirt???
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We hiked up Mount Tamalpais on Sunday.  Callum is such a great hiker he can do it in his sleep!

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Callum likes to “help” mommy and daddy cook.  He often brings a chair into the kitchen to help. Here are some pictures of callum helping…

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