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At his preschool, Callum is one of the younger kids in the younger classroom, making him one of the youngest at the preschool. Sometimes in the afternoons the two classrooms combine in the great hall for activities. One day when I picked him up the older kids were teaching the younger ones how to play duck duck goose. The younger ones didn’t really understand objective, but were having a great time tapping heads and running around in circles. Callum wanted to play at home that evening, so we did. Tiffany thought it was cute so she videotaped.

This is a video from our family vacation in the summer of 2009. We took Callum on his first camping trip when he was 15 months old. He loved sleeping being in his sleeping bag. We posted photos from the vacation last year.

Callum likes to do the “little puzzle” with mommy and daddy.  He’s pretty good at getting pieces to fit together.

Callum went trick or treating for the first time this year.

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Here’s a video of Callum singing one of his favorite songs.

We went to St. Martin for a vacation in July. Grandma, Grandpa and Chi were there too. We have a lot of photos to share…

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Here’s another video from the vaults. This is a video of Callum’s first birthday celebration at Papa Mac’s and Grammy’s house in Florida. Grandma and Grandpa came from Pennsylvania, Aunt Lauren and Cousin Chi came from Jacksonville and Amber came from Holiday. So many people were there to celebrate!

We’re going back in the video vaults for this one (I’ve got quite a few old ones to pull together). This is a compilation of some of Callum’s messier meals from when he was just a year old. In one of the videos his face is painted like a zebra from school. They all dressed up like zoo animals that day.

Last weekend Tiffany converted Callum’s crib into a toddler bed by taking off the front. Surprisingly he slept through the night without getting up to play with his toys.

I arrived at work to find this very important message in my voicemail.

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Message Transcript
Tiffany: Okay, go ahead tell him.
Callum:  I poo-poo in the potty.
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