Snowdonia, Wales

Our first break. This is where walkers decide between the normal path and the crazy persons’ path.

The clan of Irish hikers we met along the way set out ahead of us on the path.

A tricky section of the ascent. This is where we started to question the term “walking.”

The approach to Crib Goch.

Tiffany traverses Crib Goch while Andy bravely mans the camera.

Looking back on Crib Goch, Andy said, “Yeah, it makes a good memory.”

Mountain sheep. There were lambs all around the area, but not up this high.

Looking back across the horseshoe, we thought, “Did we really hike all that?”

Tiffany peruses the guide book to see how far we came (and maybe to check out how much further we have to go).

Back in the village of Llanberis (where we stayed), this castle sat across a lovely mountain lake.

The church in Llanberis was picturesque.

Us on our “leisurely stroll” with Arfon and Katie. Check your Welsh-English dictionary. leisurely stroll n . bushwacking to the peak of a mountain. and back.