Tuscany – October 2006

Tiffany “drinka di water” in Montecatini Terme

Pretty church in Vinci.

The tower with trees on top (Torre Guinigi) in Lucca.

Andy on top of the tower with trees on top.

These two street entertainers were thrilled to perform for us.

Here I come!

Duomo in the Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa. It’s the first stripey church we saw!

Andy cycling along the path.

Tiffany crosses the dangerous whitewater rapids.

We found this old man making wine somewhere between Casciana Terme and San Gimignano. He said, “Da VINO!”

Andy poses with some towers in San Gimignano.

Stained glass window in the Duomo in San Gimignano.

The Roman bath in San Gimignano.

Tiffany poses at Castello Pietraio (which is now a hotel) along the route between San G and Siena.

The Duomo in Siena was breathtaking.

The Palazzo Publico, in the Piazza Campo in Siena.

We found another man making wine between Siena and Florence- these are his wine barrels.

The Duomo in Florence is spectacular.

We climbed up to get a closer look at the dome in the cathedral in Florence.

Tiffany on top of the Duomo.