We flew into Bergen, which is this pretty town.

Tiffany in a little alleyway in Bergen.

Andy on a little bridge that crosses over an alleyway in Bergen.

We really enjoyed exploring this beautiful wooden church.

The organ was exquisite, and you can see the wooden ceiling in this photo.

A pretty little street in Bergen.

Our first day in Balestrand (on Sognefjord), we went on a hike.

A picturesque sign post.

Us on a rock.

Tiffany crossing a pretty bridge.

Strong, tough, and beautiful.

Andy on a pretty bridge.

Kayaking in Sognefjord.  The mountain behind us is one of the biggest in the area.

Our hotel looked over this wide part of the fjord.

Inside St. Olav’s church, built by an English ex-pat in the style of a traditional Norwegian stave church.

The outside of St. Olav’s.

The view across the fjord.

Tiffany playing hopscotch on the enormous hopscotch thingy (which is probably intended for a slightly different game.)

This picture was taken at about 10:30 PM across the fjord.

A tongue of Jostedalsbreen, the biggest glacier in continental Europe.

Andy hiking up Jostedalsbreen.

Some tiny people help show how huge it was.

Andy hiking through a narrow path of ice.

Tiffany – crampons and all.

Our group was all tied together.

Us on the glacier!

Another group hiking near us.

Andy having fun.  He brought up the rear of our group.

Down we go. . . 

Runoff from the glacier forms these beautiful rapids.