Kisimul Castle

Kisimul castle is the seat of the MacNeil clan. It sits on a rock in the bay at Barra. The sea makes it easy to defend, and it has a freshwater spring that came in handy when it was under siege. The castle is one of the few in scotland that was never captured by an enemy.

Welcome to Kisimul Castle! Let’s go find the clan seat.

Tiffany enters the castle keep.

Overlooking the castle courtyard.

Standing in front of the fireplace in the great hall of the castle.

The clan chief’s coat of arms. The MacNeil clan was know for expert seamanship, arrogance, lawlessness and piracy. Sounds like a fun group huh?

The Clan motto: Conquer or die! Anyone who has played monopoly with me knows I take the motto seriously.

After a long search we finally found the MacNeil Clan seat! A toilet that is flushed twice a day by the tide.

Tiffany enjoys the view of the castle courtyard.

Tiffany made fun of me for taking so many pictures of the castle from the island. I was stopping a little too often to take picutures because the sun came out or because the clouds looked pretty.