More Greece

Pictures from the last full day in Greece.

Tiffany, the Acropolis and the Mediterranean Sea, what a beautiful combination…

Tiffany closes her eyes and makes a wish (at the chuch on a hill, whatever it’s called).

An orange tree lined street.

We stumbled upon a street market. Those greek market goers are very loud. If only the picture had sound…

Ancient crap sits on the street outside the National Archeological Museum. Apparently the Greeks have so much they don’t know what to do with it all.

A temple for Zeus, or whats left of it.

Tiffany, NO!!!!

Greek caterpillars go marching one-by-one, Hurrah, Hurrah.

Greek caterpillars go marching two-by-two, Hurrah, Hurrah.

…and the little one stops to tie his shoe….