Callum does the sprinkler. . . woOO woOO

Trying to figure out the sippy cup. . . 

Well, that’s sorta right.  He still doesn’t know there’s water in there.

Andy likes to put the donuts on Callum’s limbs.  Callum’s a good sport.

At Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – Callum’s first festival!

Ricky Scaggs and Pellegrino. . . ahh the life.

Playing in his crib.

Callum & Tiffany remembering the old days.

He grew out of his old car seat – he LOVES having so much space in his new one!

Nakey time (well, diaper time – let’s not be reckless)

Sitting on the couch.

Modeling his new hat – made by mommy!


See Grammy?  He has LOADS of hair!  Blonde hair counts, too!

Lunch time!