Hola Barcelona!

The nave of the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia (also called Barcelona Cathedral).

A small but beautiful statue of a horseman in the cloister of Barcelona Cathedral.

Tiffany looks into the courtyard of a church we passed by.

Melinda and Kate stroll along the beach.

In the spirit of Gaudi, we made a mosaic with broken pottery we found on the beach.

We paused for some Sangria on the beach. Our tired feet needed a rest.

The contravertial “Passion” facade of the Sagrada Familia Designed by Josep Subirachs in a strikingly different style to Gaudi’s work.

The “Nativity” facade of the Sagrada Familia – built by Gaudi himself.

The columns in Sagrada Familia were inspired by trees.

We climbed up this tight spiral staircase to the top of the Sagrada Familia. It was a long and at times unsettling climb.

Melinda, Kate, and Tiffany in front of the Sagrada Familia after the climb up and down the steps. Time for some more sangria!

La Pedrera, a home designed by Gaudi. It still contains private residences, and it has a beautiful roof filled with interesting sculpture. We spent some time resting on the roof.

Street Escalators on the way up to Park Guell.

A mosaic wall on the path entering Park Guell.

Arches in Park Guell. Gaudi probably never designed anything straight up and down.

Melinda, Kate, and Tiffany rest (post-ice cream) in the surprisingly comfortable mosaic benches in Park Guell.

The famous lizard designed by Gaudi – it also comes in a keychain.

Andy ate a weird piece of fruit at Saint Josef’s market.