Austria – May 2007

On the hill in Salzburg, looking back out of the town.

Candles in the Dom in Salzburg.

Andy enjoys a biergarten in Salzburg.

Tiffany plans the next move from a nice cafe on the hill in Passau.

The scenery in Passau was picture-worthy at every turn.

We found some fun things to do in Passau!

Tiff pauses along the route to Schonung.

The abbey in Wilhering features a gorgeous Rococo interior. I decided that I like rococo.

We stumbled across this amazing sculpture in Linz.

Closer up, you can see that the sculpture is made of books!

Tiffany looking a bit more covered up after some sunburn earlier in the trip.

Tiffany looking out over the river from Stift Melk, an amazing boroque monastery.

The library in the monestary was second only to the church in its sanctity.

A little creek in one of many perfect little towns along our route.

Ruins of Durnstein castle along the Danube.

Andy at Schloss Schonnbrunn in Vieanna.

A sculpture on Karlskirche in Vienna.