Callum is 4 and a half.  He’s hilarious, sweet, and very good company.  Also, he’s four, so we have our moments. . .

Tonight, C was singing me (Tiffany) a song when I put him to bed.  It went “I love you super super super much, higher than the trees and the leaves and everything. . . super super super super super super much, NO, mucher than super much, super super super super super super super super super much, ok i’m done with that, mommeeeeeee.”

I liked it.  Especially the “mucher than super much” part.

Here are some pics from our Halloween festivities, or as we call it here in Oakland, “Hella-ween.”

Obligatory boy in pumpkin patch shot.

Andy told Callum we could buy whichever pumpkin he could carry.  He sure tried. . . but we ended up with a slightly smaller one than this.

Andy dressed appropriately.  I’m surprised Callum didn’t try to carry him around.

The place we went had lots of fun activities for the kids.  Duck races were among the best.  Here, Andy’s showing him how to do long, full strokes to make the water come out faster (and the ducks go faster).

It’s serious business.

Yesterday was the Halloween “parade” in our neighborhood.  It starts on our block, so we had a few friends over.  It’s really more of a Halloween “get dressed up and amble along the road” than a parade, but you know. . . festive all the same.


Today we had to carve the pumpkins.  C did a lot of the goop removal.  You can’t carve them early out here because it’s too warm and they rot quickly.  In fact, depending on the weather, they still might not make it to Halloween. . . we’ll see.

Pumpkin hands!!

I wonder what year this image will switch to Andy watching Cal do the carving. . .

I finished up.  Andy and Cal ran out of steam about halfway through pumpkin #2.  Pretty sure that means I get all the credit even though I did about 5% of the work.  Right?  Yeah. . . thought so.