Most nights, when we put Callum to bed, one of us reads him a story, and then we talk.  It’s a fun time for Andy and I because sometimes Callum is at his sweetest and will share the most interesting thoughts about his day.  Today was kind of a fun one.

When it’s my turn, I usually finish our “talking” by saying “OK I’m going to tell you one more thing.”  I switch it up a little, but tonight I said “I’m proud of you, just because you’re you, and I love you so so much and I’ll always love you, no matter what.”  Well, Cal decided to pressure test that one a little.

Callum: “Will you like me if I’m an alligator who doesn’t eat?” (he means who doesn’t eat people)
Yes. I’d love you even if you were an alligator.

“What about a bug?” (he laughed a little at that one)
Yep, I’d love you even if you were a bug.

Even if you were a spider.

“What if I was a spider who sometimes eats but not grils (girls) only Daddies?”
Well, I’d still love you, but I think I’d ask you to please not eat Daddy.

“I won’t.”
Thanks, buddy.