Callum is old enough now that we can tell jokes together.  I think he has a fantastic sense of humor, but perhaps not as intended.

A lot of his jokes go something like this:

C: Knock Knock
A: Who’s there?
C: [insert something I see in front of me]
A: bottle of wine who?
C: Lights!

Here’s another – he told this whole joke, in song. No back and forth here.

C: Knock knock. Who’s there? A lady. WHO lady?  It’s carrots!

Another fun exchange – this time I started, thinking he’d find this hilarious.

T: Why did the chicken cross the road?
C: Because there was a door?
C: Wait why?
T: To get to the other side. (T then acts like this is hilarious while C furrows his brow.)
C: Why else?