On pondering the logistics of Santa . . .

“I think he has a ladder so he can get over the fence.  And another ladder so he can get back up there.”
“Maybe he has a cart. A big whole giant cart. Maybe airplanes.  He has toy airplanes and he rides in them.”

He rides in his toy airplanes?

Are they big or small?
“Big whole giant.”

What makes them toy airplanes and not real ones?
“They’re just what he has.”

Did you say he has a ladder?

What’s the ladder for?
“To get over the fence. ”

Why does he need to get over the fence?
“Um to get one of his shovels.  But he really needs new ones.  Red ones, and white.”

He needs new shovels?

What’s the shovel for?
“He just needs one.”

What else?
“He has a mustache.  And a beard.  A big whole giant beard.”