Another fabulous trip to Pennsylvania.  It was particularly fun this year, because Callum is old enough to really play with his cousins. . . all FIVE of them!  A few photos. . .

Chi showing Cal his new toy – making some circuits. And wearing Uncle Andy’s hat.

Cousin Brian and Sarah looking cute as ever – can’t wait for their wedding!

We went for a walk along the canal.  Malachi posed for me.

Aunt Susan took good care of Callum during the walk.

Uncle Mac found a bug. . . what else is new. . .

Skimming stones

Hi up there! I’m by the water!!

Brian instructing Chi and Cal on the finer points of chucking rocks into the water.


We went to a favorite antique mall in Kutztown – Callum could have watched the trains for entirely too long. He loved them.

Thanks to the big snow storm in October, Callum (and us!) got to go to Malachi’s rescheduled birthday party! Callum is becoming quite a brave guy in his old age and went straight down the slide with enthusiasm.

Malachi being silly

Those were apparently some delicious cupcakes.

We went out to visit Uncle Thaddeus, Aunt Ronda and the central PA cousins. Mac and Callum had a fantastic time. Here, they’re playing under the piano. The urbanite in me couldn’t help but admire their creative use of space. Maybe we CAN fit a grand piano in here, after all. . .

For Grammy

For grammy part 2

The weather was impeccable. When we got back, everyone kept asking if it was cold.  “Um, no, actually.”

We all went for an afternoon walk.  Aislinn took good care of the boys.

On our way back.  “Bye, everybody!!”