In the McNeil household, the best part of Christmas is probably the food.  We go a little crazy.  This is us cooking. . .

This is Callum cooking.

C making cupcakes for everyone.

One of Callum’s favorite Christmas gifts came from Uncle Thaddeus, Aunt Ronda, and his cousins in Pennsylvania.  Magneatos!  I should mention that we started teaching Callum how to use the potty over Christmas. . . hence the lack of pants.

Our tree on Christmas morning.

Family portrait.

The Abbott family did fantasy gifts this year.  We had some projects to do. . .

Callum is getting better at petting Kermy gently.  Toby still stays on the opposite side of the house from him.

Kermy’s safer behind the window.

Playing through the window.

Callum playing Sequence.