There’s nothing like a beautiful day to make everything seem fantastic.  It’s the middle of June, and yes – the sun finally came out here in beautiful, allegedly sunny San Francisco.  And in Oakland, where we actually live.  And it’s amazing.  We’re filling our weekends with birthday parties, play dates, and trips to the farmer’s market. . . and at this time of year, this feels like the right place to be.  Two weeks ago?  Not so much. . . but that was two weeks ago, so who cares?

I was looking through some photos this morning and thought it about time to post some pictures from Aunt Amber’s visit back in December.  It was also really sunny and gorgeous around here when she came – maybe she brought us some sun from Florida?

It was the first time Amb has been able to visit us for a few years, so I think it was a special treat for everyone – including me.  Sisters are very important, after all.  We had loads of fun showing her around.

Amber posing in front of the Bay Bridge, which – though technically a seismic disaster waiting to happen. . . is also aesthetically under-rated in my opinion.  I think I actually like it better than the Golden Gate, though admittedly there might be a bit of an underdog thing going on there.

We took Amber up to Napa to show her some of our favorite places.  This is the swing in front of Boon Fly Cafe, which is a fantastic place for brunch if you’re ever up there.  They have these amazing, fresh (warm), little tiny donuts.  We order the baker’s dozen which seemed to surprise the waitress last time, but we were all, “what? they’re small!” and completely tanked ’em.  Obviously.

More swinging

Back in San Francisco, Callum, Andy, and Aunt Amber visited the Golden Gate bridge, on a more typical December day in San Fran.

Amber’s thinking face.  I think she looks pretty.

“Let’s go, Aunt Amber!”

Picnic by the water.

A little gymnastics in front of the Painted Ladies.  As a child of the Full House generation, Amb could appreciate the sight.

Sisters on our way up the hill.  We have a few hills in SF.

Us with the Ferry Building.

“I’m coming to get you, Aunt Amber!”  At the Oakland Zoo, Callum and Amber had fun playing in the Children’s area.  I took the day off and it was chilly, so the three of us practically had the place to ourselves.  Downside was the monkeys were all hiding under blankets. . . but it was still fun.  It’s hard to hide elephants and giraffes.


This one’s a crab or lobster or something.  I just think it’s a cute shot of C-man

It took some doing, but I convinced Aunt Amber to pretend to be a turtle.  May have said something about not posting it on Facebook?  Hmm. . . can’t remember exactly . . .

Amber, Callum, Stripey, ZigZag, and Spike.

Time to head back out into the sunshine – hope it’s sunny where you are, too!