We went to St. Martin for a vacation in July. Grandma, Grandpa and Chi were there too. We have a lot of photos to share…

Playing in the sand is serious work.

Very serious work.

Chi digs a hole for Callum.

Cal was buried in the sand.

Then Chi was buried in the sand.

Grandpa and Cal play together in the sand.

Mmmmm. Watermelon.

Daddy helps Cal get a bucket of water to play with.

The hospital on the French side of the island.

Tiffany was out of commission for a little while.

Tiffany’s last meal at the hospital. ¬†French hospital food is more hospital than it is French.

Thats much better.

Everybody helps Cal get a bucket of water.

Sandy Cal.

Thirsty Cal.

Schooner and rays of sun.

Chi and Cal model their shooes.

Chi and Cal’s shoes.

Tiffany’s back on her feet.

Baie Longue, my new  second favorite beach on St. Martin.

Baie Longue is rather private.

Tiffany and Cal at my favorite beach.

Cal always likes to play in the sand.

It’s fun to be sandy Mommy.

Make sure you pread it around.

Chi is silly.

Tiffany and Cal have the ocean to themselves.

Cal likes swimming with mommy.

Sandy kisses for mommy.


Grandpa, Grandma and Chi.

Family photo.

Same photo from two years earlier.

Cal and Chi Play with buckets of water.


Double Awwwww.