Grammy came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Callum had so much fun with Grammy. It’s been two weeks and he still hopes she’ll be there when we come home from school. As we toured with Grammy we were amazed at our good fortune with timing. Several times we said, “we got there at the right time” after seeing a long line when we were leaving. Maybe our luck came from the bag of fortune cookies we ate during Grammy’s stay or maybe Grammy has good karma. Either way, it was fun to have Grammy around.

Callum and Grammy read Busy Busy Town every day after school.

Callum listens to his new favorite song “I love rock and roll”  which he calls “woknwoll”.

We went to Muir Woods

“Water down there” (looking through the crack in the bridge)

We went to Boudin’s for lunch.

They gave Cal a turtle roll to snack on.  We each ate a turtle leg.  Tastes like sourdough (not chicken).

Callum riding his bike.

ABBA Karaoke with Grammy

Grammy, Tiffany and Callum

Andy goes crazy Paparazzi on Grammy.