It turns out that having a challenging full-time job AND a spouse with a challenging full-time job AND an 11-month-old baby and some cats and oh I don’t know some semblance of a dinner and washed dishes and clothes. . . is pretty darn time consuming (to our pregnant friends . . . uh. . . ignore this bit – babies are awesome.  fact).  PLUS, there’s all that time Andy has to spend discovering one-octave songs to play on Callum’s new xylophone.  Apparently it’s all in the wrist.  Anyway, we want to show you folks some pictures.

Callum likes to help us pay the bills.


We went to visit Chris & Crystal in Phoenix, and Callum went on his first bike ride!  He liked going fast, and he kept playing with Andy’s back while they were cycling along.

Andy and Callum hanging out while we were on a break from our bike ride.

A nice picture of some of our favorite friends.  I like it because it somehow conveys what’s wonderful about them.  

The C-man is getting better and better at standing up while he’s holding on to something.  He likes to stand and watch the bath fill up.  Sometimes – when the floor’s too cold – he stands on one leg like a flamingo.

Callum needs a LITTLE more practice with the spoon.  Unless the goal is to fling it at the wall.  Yes, on second thought, he may be an EXPERT with the spoon!

So that’s it for this month, but we’re nearing in on the big birthday, and we’re planning a fun trip to Florida for the occasion!  We’re so excited to see our families there and to spend some time in the sunshine and warmth.  AND to take a couple days off from those crazy jobs I mentioned.  Callum has TWO bathing suits to try out. . .