We’re a week late, but that’s not so bad.  We had a busy month, and last weekend (when I should have been posting pictures), we decided to rent a car.  On Saturday, we drove up to Sonoma and beyond to check out the town and do a little bit of wine tasting.  We couldn’t return the car until Monday, so we took advantage of the opportunity on Sunday to drive to Target and stock up on baby supplies.  It was a very expensive trip, but it was all on things we needed anyway, and it will save us LOTS of carrying big bulky things back from the grocery store.

This week, I’m going on a business trip, so Andy has to be a single dad for a few days – what an adventure for the boys!

Close up!!

Callum & Andy on Tank Hill – you can see GG bridge if you squint.

How did all of those donuts get down there?

Jayden’s mom took this photo of our playdate in Golden Gate Park. C was showing his CTC pride!

Callum likes wine-tasting.  

Playing on the grass at a winery.

The grass was a little spikey, but Callum didn’t mind.

Callum & Andy at Hop Kiln winery.

C enjoying wine-tasting number 2.