The last time we went to St. Martin was seven years ago, when we had only been dating for about a year.  It was hot, beachy, and wonderful.  Andy stayed for three weeks, and I stayed for one, since I was already working and he hadn’t started yet.  

I don’t think we would have been terribly surprised if someone told us then that we’d be back in seven years having been married for five of them and had a baby in the mean time, but it was still kind of interesting to find ourselves there again in this completely different life stage.  

There isn’t much to report in terms of activities.  We would wake up at a fairly leisurely hour (maybe 8:30 – we DO have a baby, people) and either read or maybe go for a swim in the pool with Grandpa and cousin Chi.  Then at around 10:30 or 11 (when it started to get too hot), we would come in and have some lunch, sit around a bit, maybe read some more, play with Callum. . . whatever.  Then at about 2:30 or 3:00 we would head to the beach of our choice.  We have a few favorites, and in a pinch there was a pretty good beach at the resort itself.  Callum would go for a quick dip in the ocean and a quick walk along the beach before completely crashing for a long nap in his little tent. (If only I could get him to take long naps at home! Maybe I’ll try the tent.)

Then maybe another dip in the pool.

Then dinner on the porch in the warmness.

Then bed.

Rinse and repeat.  

It was wonderful and warm,and I’m beginning to see the appeal of going there every year.  Ahhhh. . . .

I suddenly feel the need to put on a sweatshirt.  

Check out the pictures!