I was singing Rainbow Connection to Callum tonight.  He interrupted with “I need to tell you something.”
“Let’s hear it.”
“What is a rainbow connection?”
“It’s not a thing really – it’s an idea . . . bla bla . . . dreamers . . . bla bla . . magic . . ”
“Oh.  Do you know what I thought?”
“I thought it was like a plug or something that plugs into the rainbow to light it up better.  And there’s a plug in your house and you just have to follow that plug and you get to the gold.  There’s gold at the end of the rainbow.  But the end of the rainbow is in the sky!  So how can you get to that pot of gold?”
“I don’t know.”
“Oh, I know.  You could strap on your jetpacks, and fly to it.”
“Yeah but jetpacks have fire, so you have to be careful.”
“Good thinking.”
“Some families don’t live all together.  Like sometimes they live on different planets. . . ”
“I’m glad we live on the same planet, Cal.”

Callum is 4 and a half.  He’s hilarious, sweet, and very good company.  Also, he’s four, so we have our moments. . .

Tonight, C was singing me (Tiffany) a song when I put him to bed.  It went “I love you super super super much, higher than the trees and the leaves and everything. . . super super super super super super much, NO, mucher than super much, super super super super super super super super super much, ok i’m done with that, mommeeeeeee.”

I liked it.  Especially the “mucher than super much” part.

Here are some pics from our Halloween festivities, or as we call it here in Oakland, “Hella-ween.”

Obligatory boy in pumpkin patch shot.

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Most nights, when we put Callum to bed, one of us reads him a story, and then we talk.  It’s a fun time for Andy and I because sometimes Callum is at his sweetest and will share the most interesting thoughts about his day.  Today was kind of a fun one.

When it’s my turn, I usually finish our “talking” by saying “OK I’m going to tell you one more thing.”  I switch it up a little, but tonight I said “I’m proud of you, just because you’re you, and I love you so so much and I’ll always love you, no matter what.”  Well, Cal decided to pressure test that one a little.

Callum: “Will you like me if I’m an alligator who doesn’t eat?” (he means who doesn’t eat people)
Yes. I’d love you even if you were an alligator.

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Right before Christmas, I spent some time taking lots of pictures of Callum, in hopes of getting a really cute one for our New Year’s card.  I was, in the end, very successful, but not until (go figure) the day after I ordered the cards.  The trick, I discovered, is to make him laugh.  Here are some pics from that photo session.

The game was this – Cal puts his hand up to say “NO PICTURE!” and I grab it real fast, move it out of the way and take a picture.  It’s hilarious.

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Callum is old enough now that we can tell jokes together.  I think he has a fantastic sense of humor, but perhaps not as intended.

A lot of his jokes go something like this:

C: Knock Knock
A: Who’s there?
C: [insert something I see in front of me]
A: bottle of wine who?
C: Lights!

Here’s another – he told this whole joke, in song. No back and forth here.

C: Knock knock. Who’s there? A lady. WHO lady?  It’s carrots!

Another fun exchange – this time I started, thinking he’d find this hilarious.

T: Why did the chicken cross the road?
C: Because there was a door?
C: Wait why?
T: To get to the other side. (T then acts like this is hilarious while C furrows his brow.)
C: Why else?

Looks like I picked the wrong moment to capture Callum’s cuteness. . . or perhaps the exact right moment.

On pondering the logistics of Santa . . .

“I think he has a ladder so he can get over the fence.  And another ladder so he can get back up there.”
“Maybe he has a cart. A big whole giant cart. Maybe airplanes.  He has toy airplanes and he rides in them.”

He rides in his toy airplanes?

Are they big or small?
“Big whole giant.”

What makes them toy airplanes and not real ones?
“They’re just what he has.”

Did you say he has a ladder?

What’s the ladder for?
“To get over the fence. ”

Why does he need to get over the fence?
“Um to get one of his shovels.  But he really needs new ones.  Red ones, and white.”

He needs new shovels?

What’s the shovel for?
“He just needs one.”

What else?
“He has a mustache.  And a beard.  A big whole giant beard.”

So here at Chez McNeil, we can’t commit to Santa.  I’m down with the whole Christmas magic thing, but I just can’t bring myself to tell Callum this whole long story about North Pole, chimney, presents, be good be good be good bla bla bla. . . just can’t do it.  Don’t actually see the point.

Thing is, there’s Santa.  The kids at school know about Santa, and Santa actually comes to our neighborhood on a pick-up (that’s how we roll in Oakland) with pixie dust and an antler-clad dog, asks Cal what he wants, etc.  And we don’t want Callum to be the kid who’s all “Nuh-uh. . . no santa” and then all the other parents hate us.

So.  Last year, we got as far as Santa is a friendly guy who comes around at Christmas time.  He wears red clothes and says “Ho ho ho.”

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Another fabulous trip to Pennsylvania.  It was particularly fun this year, because Callum is old enough to really play with his cousins. . . all FIVE of them!  A few photos. . .

Chi showing Cal his new toy – making some circuits. And wearing Uncle Andy’s hat.

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In the McNeil household, the best part of Christmas is probably the food.  We go a little crazy.  This is us cooking. . .

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